About Me

Graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems at The W.A. Franke College of Business, Northern Arizona University. I am always looking opportunities to complement, and grow my skills and knowledge within the software development industry.

After graduating, I was employed by GoDaddy as a Hosting Support Consultant, working with customers and their website server issues. Being a full time employee at GoDaddy really opened my eyes as to how immense and insecure the internet really is. With time, I became familiar with how web servers and websites worked, as well as how to troubleshoot issues within each environment. It was working in this environment that led to me developing a few websites of my own, which ultimately led to pursuing Web Development as a career.

Recently, I’ve completed a Full Stack Coding Bootcamp, through the University of Arizona. Through the program I have become familiar with several mainstream programming languages, principles and software. My goal is to continue to develop new skills through online courses like Udemy, while toning my current, ultimately obtaining a career in Web Development professionally.


Applications Built

MongoDB Web Scraper

FitRep was developed to be an easy to use workout application in which a user can visit the site, create an account, and keep track of workout data. The application is a Full Stack MERN developed application, while there are production issues, there will be future updates to address issues. 

MongoDB Web Scraper

Application was developed to allow users to enter a search term, and retrieve articles from the New York Times, via their API, while being able to save and delete articles. The application is a MERN developed using Create React App for the front end. While there are production issues, there will be future updates to address issues. 

MongoDB Web Scraper

An Express application that uses Cheerio.js to scrape ESPN’s NBA website, to grab the top featured articles on the page. With the use of Mongoose to read/write to a Mongo Database, the user has the capabilities to save favorite articles, view all saved articles, and delete saved articles.

An Express application that allows a user to create any type of burger they want, and “devour” it if they choose to do so. The app is a recreation of a previous application that uses a custom ORM, whereas this application implements Sequelize to get and post data from a MySQL Database.

This application provides the user with an all on one knowledge base based upon the video game that is searched, rather than having to search the Internet for this information separately. Upon searching for a video game, the user will be given game information and popular YouTube videos, using GiantBomb, and YouTube API’s.

Using keyboard input, user’s will try to guess word based upon number of characters, and counts user score upon winning/losing.

This is a backend application that creates basic flashcards through the use of JS constructors.

LIRI is like iPhone’s SIRI. However, while SIRI is a Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, LIRI is a Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface. LIRI is a command line node app that takes in parameters and gives you back data. Application uses OMDB’s API, and Twitter and Spotify NPM’s.

Bamazon SQL Application

Node application is an “Amazon” like store front. The app will take in orders from customers and deplete stock from the store’s inventory, as well as tracking product sales across your store’s departments and then provide a summary of the highest-grossing departments in the store.

Application that displays GIF’s to page based upon user input. User can either click one of the buttons listed to display it’s GIFS’s, or search their own movie, and create a button to display the GIF’s, and pause/start GIF’s on click.

Trivia game that list questions for users to select answers to, only one radio button can be selected per question. Once timer hits zero, right/wrong answered are tallied, and user score is displayed.

Crystal Collector guessing game, user wins the game by adding their total score to match the random number, you lose the game if your total score goes above the random number. Upon game load, each crystal will be assigned a random number that will add up user score to match random number upon click.

WordPress Websites


Fuga Energy – Natural Ingredients, Natural Energy!

Fuga Energy is an all natural beverage derived from energy resources taken from the earth, rather than in the lab. Which creates long lasting energy that does not overstimulate the body, nor make you feel jittery.

Fuga Energy >

JD Hill – Catch The Vision Ministries

Catch The Vision is a non profit to provide transition housing and life skill training to homeless, and chemically dependent people, doing so by supporting their recovery and helping to develop their potential to become productive and dignified participants in our communities.

JD Hill, Catch The Vision Ministries >

Everything Goes – One Of A Kinds, Hard To Finds!

Everything Goes is a locally owned and operated vintage store providing unique home furnishings, antiques, decor, and much moreEverything Goes has won Best Antique, Vintage or Secondhand Store by Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Everything Goes – One Of A Kinds, Hard To Finds >


On behalf of Aquarena Worldwide and Fuga Energy we would like to thank Ryan Cowles for creating such an amazing website. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for a software developer that speaks to anyone on a global scale and is willing to expand their business network. Since Ryan created the new website for Fuga Energy we have expanded our business on a national level and received business opportunities from countries around the world. We truly enjoyed working with Ryan and know that he will be a valuable asset to any company, not only in software development but any company looking for an honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working individual. Ryan’s knowledge speaks volumes of his experience and professionalism. His willingness to share his knowledge with others displayed Ryan’s ability to be a leader in any company.

For further information please feel to contact me at FugaEnergy.com

Miguel Camarena
Aquarena Worldwide/Fuga Energy